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Swap ’till you Drop!

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Last night I attended my first “Swap ’till you drop!” Party. As risque as it sounds, it definitely erred more sustainable and less swinger. All in attendance brought things they didn’t use or wear anymore, my contributions included an espresso maker, a couple of purses and pairs of ripped jeans. Our lovely hostess had snacks and drinks, including champagne and while we all settled in, beverages in hand, we perused the second hand shop that had emerged amongst the merriment.

We were each given a coupon with a number corresponding with the number of items we had brought. The attendee who made the greatest contribution received a special gift, in this case, a pretty candle. When the time came, we all ran and grabbed the things we had seen earlier that we wanted. I snatched up a really cute navy dress and another pink one, a of couple books, a martini shaker, and a few other little diddys. No one payed any attention to how much our coupons were for, it was just a free for all, but I think it worked better that way.

We had a conflict resolution in place, if two women wanted the same item they would have to draw straws. This was never necessary since all the ladies were also conscious of what each other would want. By the end though we were jokingly drawing them over leftover items we didn’t really want, just to feign our own little cat fights. All of the leftover items are going to be donated to the salvation army.

“Swap ’till you drop!” was a really fun way to get rid of some stuff, find new treasures, and connect with good friends.


About April

Hi! My name is April, I live in Los Angeles, California where I am pursuing an acting career and a B.S. online through the University of Wisconsin. A member of the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, I have an agent who sends me out on auditions for television, film and commercials. I have been lucky enough to guest star on Disney, and even to have played a drug addict on A&E. More recently I started a small production company making web series and short films for fun. I just finished my first feature length screenplay, and am beginning work on another. When I was younger I expected to one day make my living solely in the entertainment Industry, however this is proving difficult. There is a lot of competition for fewer and fewer jobs. DVR's, online streaming, reality television, the writer's strike of 2006 and the bad economy have all played a part in the downturn of production. Meanwhile, living in Los Angeles is expensive, and it is difficult to make a living without at least a bachelors degree. It has become clear to me, that in order to continue to pursue my creative goals, I am going to have to focus on a more sustainable lifestyle. A few years ago, I stumbled upon the tiny house movement. Everything about it made sense to me, smaller living for affordability, giving one the time and energy to focus on what they want to do, rather then just survival. As I learned more, the sustainable aspects became important to me, not only for individual sustainability, but for global sustainability, because they are inextricably connected. My hope is to someday build my own tiny house using sustainable principles.

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