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It finally happened! After years of admiring tiny houses from afar, I finally got to visit one in person! This beauty, built off of the XS-House plans by Tumbleweed Tiny House Company is the smallest tiny house on the market.

Built as part of the Small Worlds exhibit at the Toledo Museum of Art, this 65 square foot home fits snugly into a parking spot. Despite its small size, the XS-House has everything one would need. Two closets stand on either side of the front door, followed by a tiny desk opposite a couch, OK really its a bench, but have some imagination! Then there is a kitchenette (a little counter with a sink and a mini fridge) and a wet bath.  Up a little ladder is the cozy sleeping loft, I tried it out and it was rather comfy.

Could this be my future tiny home?! Maybe! It is up for auction in March, proceeds will benefit early childhood programming at the museum. I am definitely bidding on it, if I win, (fingers crossed!) I will perform a little interior decor magic (I have so many ideas!!!), make it my primary residence, and post video blogs about living in 65 square feet.


About April

Hi! My name is April, I live in Los Angeles, California where I am pursuing an acting career and a B.S. online through the University of Wisconsin. A member of the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, I have an agent who sends me out on auditions for television, film and commercials. I have been lucky enough to guest star on Disney, and even to have played a drug addict on A&E. More recently I started a small production company making web series and short films for fun. I just finished my first feature length screenplay, and am beginning work on another. When I was younger I expected to one day make my living solely in the entertainment Industry, however this is proving difficult. There is a lot of competition for fewer and fewer jobs. DVR's, online streaming, reality television, the writer's strike of 2006 and the bad economy have all played a part in the downturn of production. Meanwhile, living in Los Angeles is expensive, and it is difficult to make a living without at least a bachelors degree. It has become clear to me, that in order to continue to pursue my creative goals, I am going to have to focus on a more sustainable lifestyle. A few years ago, I stumbled upon the tiny house movement. Everything about it made sense to me, smaller living for affordability, giving one the time and energy to focus on what they want to do, rather then just survival. As I learned more, the sustainable aspects became important to me, not only for individual sustainability, but for global sustainability, because they are inextricably connected. My hope is to someday build my own tiny house using sustainable principles.

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  2. You look adorable standing in front of that tiny house. I love your Blog.

  3. charley merritt

    you should check out wilmington north carolina , screen gems studios the largest on the east coast has from what we hear three major films coming in the near future , ironman sequel plus two more ,, good luck

    • Thanks Charley, I would love to check out North Carolina. Someday when I have a tiny house and am location independent maybe I could live there for awhile.

  4. I just attended a tumbleweed workshop last month and had an amazing time of it. It was a treat meeting Jay. I moved from Toledo OH 6 months ago for the purposes of creating an urban homestead with my sweetheart in Denver. The tiny house movement was the subject of my final paper for my sustainability class while I was in school in Toledo. I want to help you make this happen. Please contact me. I have some ideas I’d like to float past you.


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