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Sus-tain-able, adj – long term maintenance of well being, meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs, capable of being sustained.

small, adj – being below the average in size, unpretentious, modest, comparatively little.

I chose sustainably small as the title of my blog to reflect the importance of sustainability not only for our planet but for ourselves. I hope to share information on people, companies, communities, and ideas that exemplify sustainable principles.

I’m small myself, standing at just 5’1″ tall. And I believe that a small lifestyle is an imperative part of sustainability. I am truly impressed and respect people who are able to do without, own few possessions, and not buy anything that is not absolutely necessary. That being said, I don’t find that lifestyle sustainable for me. So my efforts here are to strike that balance, live a life that is small but sustainable, for myself, society and the environment.

My school focuses on the triple bottom line, which is people, planet, profit. Vibrant communities, a healthy environment, and strong profitability. This blog will attempt to take that triple bottom line, and translate it for an individual level. We should all work together for the benefit of communities and our environment, but for me, individual profit is an all encompassing idea focusing on individual well-being, which I believe lies in following our passions. For me, I need a modest yet comfortable income that allows me to express my creativity, involving learning, writing, acting and film making.

So for the purposes of sustainably small, the individual triple bottom line is:

  • People- being conscious of how our actions affect others in our local and global community.
  • Planet – seeking smaller footprints and being aware of how our resource use echos through the environment.
  • Passion – pursuing a life that is fulfilling.



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  1. charley merritt

    do you have any contacts or small house devotees in the eastern north carolina area ?


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