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Tiny House Dreams

I LOVE tiny houses. For those of you who aren’t hip to the tiny house movement, it is a relatively new obsession amongst people like me who see the value of of not paying a mortgage or rent so that they can spend their time and money having more fun.

picture by Nicolas Boullosa

Cute, right? They are mostly under 100 square feet, and highly efficient for their compact space. Many are built on trailers due to legal codes preventing them from being on a permanent foundation. However, I find that the home being attached to the trailer is one of the most attractive features, imagine, if you decide you want to live somewhere else, you just bring your home with you!
So, the last few years I have been sort of consumed by “tiny house porn,” checking the tiny house blog every day for new pictures of precious houses. I was introduced to many different ideas about smaller living, and particularly salvage building, which is basically a way to build a home using pieces extracted from older homes, barns, etc.
So basically, my eventual goal is to build a tiny house, like the one pictured left, using sustainable principles.
Here are some links to builders and houses I LOVE:

picture by AtomicLama


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